We no more than end one quarter and we start all over again looking for new leads and new sales.

Each quarter it seems there are those times when we all say to ourselves, “Next quarter I’m determined to be more prepared.”

Yet next quarter comes and the same thing happens, and it’s a hustle to make the number.

Here are 5 things you can do right now at the start of a new quarter to increase your prospecting results:

Rotate the process you use to reach prospects.

It’s way too easy to rely on email or to wait for Marketing to provide you with leads. A potential lead that ignores you once on email is just as likely to ignore you a second and third time.

Rotate how you reach out. Use email, the telephone and yes, even social media, to engage the prospect you’re trying to reach.

Commit to spending 20% more time each day prospecting in the first 4 weeks of the quarter.

If you want more deals to close at the end of the quarter, you need more prospects at the beginning. Whatever the amount of time you spend prospecting, increase it by 20% per day for the first 4 weeks of the quarter.

Contact each customer that bought from you last quarter and ask them for a referral.

It still blows my mind the number of salespeople that don’t actively ask for referrals. There’s no better time than right after you’ve completed a sale.

Change up what you say, what you write, and what you share with prospects.

Just as we have to change up how we try to make contact with a potential prospect, so too we need to be changing up the message. If what you’re providing is nothing more than what the prospect can get on your website, then I wish you luck, because you’ll need it.

Key is providing a reason for the prospect to engage with you. Do this with the questions you ask and the new insights you share that you know they are not familiar with.

Never stop believing in the talented individual you are and the benefit you bring to your customers. If you don’t believe in yourself and how you can help your customers 100%, there is little chance they will ever believe in you.




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