Leaders don’t see success as a destination, they see it as a journey to take others on.”

Wherever you’re at on the totem pole, I’d bet there’s room for improvement. Do you want to get to the top?

If you’re looking to grow your career in sales by any measure, these 5 areas will help get you to that next level. Keep reading, then let’s get to work.

1. Have a peer network. 

Your network may not be people in your office, they may even be people all over the country, but have a peer network of top performers that you connect with on a regular basis. Why? One very simple reason: it helps up your game to the next level.

When you connect with top performing people, there’s an amazing exchange of  ideas and energy as a result of those conversations. 

I found myself in that very situation just the other day. I spent the day with somebody in my peer network and we were discussing various customers and opportunities. We came out of it with some very powerful solutions that I’ve already had a chance to play out—and they have worked

You see, a peer network allows you to share ideas, gain knowledge, plus the connections you create, as well as the opportunities, are invaluable.

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2. Continuous learning

Top performers know that if they don’t continuously change, others will catch up with them. Continuous learning is how they always stay ahead. 

They’re constantly reading books. I hear from people who say, “Oh, I read five books last year. I read two books last year.” Let me tell you something, I read over 50 books a year. In fact, I probably read close to 100 books a year because I’m interested in acquiring new knowledge. 

You have to keep moving yourself forward. From a continuous learning standpoint, I want to encourage you to jump to the next level.

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3. Moonshot thinking. 

Go back to the ’60s.  President John F. Kennedy put a challenge before the nation to put a man on the moon and return them safely. It was called a moonshot. It was outlandish thinking when he first said that, but we did it before that decade was out, and that was the goal.

Top performing people set audacious goals. 

They set big goals, and you know what, they have a way of achieving them. Because if you think small with small goals, you achieve small things. If you think big with big goals, even if you fall short, you’ve still been wildly successful. 

Moonshot thinking forces you to think differently, and as a result, you create amazing results. 

4. Incredible self-control

Top performers are disciplined with who they are. They don’t sit there and lash out at somebody when somebody tees off on them. It takes discipline when something is said in the community, in the marketplace, on social media, whatever. Salespeople of integrity restrain themselevs.

Why? Because it’s energy wasted if they go chase it.  They actually get more done because they don’t emotionally and physically get caught up doing things that aren’t important.

Of course, self-control also lends itself to proper time management, too. Can you sit and complete a task without getting sidetracked? Can you work towards your daily/weekly/monthly goals without chasing shiny objects? If not, it’s time to exercise and strengthen those self-control muscles. 

5. Focus on the focus 

When we focus our thinking, we focus our results. 

It’s the same concept as having a vision board. Seeing your goals and dreams regularly keeps them in focus. 

But ‘focus on the focus’ isn’t just about the goal. It’s about the activities that will help you achieve the goal. This is the big difference. 

You can’t just stop at moonshot thinking. It’s time to discipline yourself to start taking action. The goal is achieved when you accomplish the activities.

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