sales quotaWe’re heading quickly into the last few months of the year, and that means the scramble is on to grab business.

Here are five things you need to do now:

1. Conduct business reviews ASAP with all of your big accounts.

By discussing current business circumstances together, you will uncover new opportunities you can take care of this year and begin setting the table for next year.

2. Make customer satisfaction telephone calls to every customer you haven’t heard from in the last year.

Your goal is to jumpstart customers who may have simply forgot about you and the ways you can help them.

3. Get proposals on the table now to your big prospects.

You have big opportunity customers that are going to take time to close just by the very nature of how they operate. Don’t delay! Get proposals on the table now to them to get the process moving.

Many times these customers take forever to make the first buying decision, but thereafter they make them quick and fast.

4. Increase your calls.

Yes, it’s important to always be going full speed, but right now in particular you need to make sure your doubling down with your prospecting. Uncovering a new opportunity in late December is probably going to be too late to impact this year.

If you want to impact this year, you need to be moving now while there’s still time.

5. Focus on senior level people.

The later in the year we go, many budgets get frozen or simply used up. What this means is lower level people no longer have the ability to make buying decisions.

Senior level people however can and will still make buying decisions as they simply find a way to make it happen.   Many times later in the year it’s these senior level relationships that can payout significantly.

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