There are 5 secrets used by top-performing salespeople to get better prospecting leads.

You would be crazy to not learn from these:

SECRET #1:  Best leads will always come from your existing customers.

Never waste an opportunity to ask your current customer who else might benefit from what it is you’re selling.   The key to turn these new leads into great leads is by asking the customer giving you the lead to introduce you to the new prospect.

Few salespeople go this far, but those that do are top-performing.  After the customer has given you a name, ask the customer if they would be so kind as to introduce you to them via email, telephone or whatever other means is possible.

SECRET #2:  Search for and identify those companies that are currently doing business with your closest competitors.

The reason these are great prospects is simple. They’re already sold on what it is you’re selling; the only problem is they’re buying it from someone else.

Engage with these people frequently, so that when the other guy fails to deliver, you will be there ready to help.   The thrill of picking up a new customer this way is incredible.

Just keep in mind that if you’re doing it to your competitors, then if they’re smart, they’re doing it to you.  Get the drift? The best way to keep a customer is to make sure you’re taking care of them.

SECRET #3: Network with your current customers to make sure you are known by multiple contacts within the company.

Every organization has turnover and people will move from one company to another company.  The best way to pick up a new customer is by having someone who is familiar with what you do take you with them to their new employer.

SECRET #4: Use industry trade associations to identify prospects.

People who serve on industry boards or are visible in their industry are open to new ideas.   Don’t pass up the opportunity to prospect with these people.

An additional benefit of prospecting with people who are active in their industry is these people talk to others.  By developing a relationship with them, you can many times wind up creating additional prospecting leads.

SECRET #5:  Attitude matters big time.

Top-performing salespeople know the secret to getting better prospecting leads is by approaching each day with the attitude that they’re going to be successful.

On the surface, these may not really seem all that secret.  The only reason I consider them “secrets” is because so few people are willing to do them.

That is why there is a limited number of top-performers.   Remember — there’s always room for one more top-performer and it starts with you embracing each of the 5 secrets.

Copyright 2012, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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