Another year has passed and we’re already racing forward, but I can’t help but take one more look back on the year and ask myself a few questions.

Yes, I’m  pleased with the past year — very much enjoyed it — but at the same time, the year leaves me wondering about what could have been.

Did I truly make a difference in the lives of the people I had a privilege to come in contact with?

I don’t say this  arrogantly. I say it sincerely, because this is what we are all about — helping others.  We have to be asking ourselves, “Have we helped others achieve what they didn’t think was possible?”

Was I focused on the right things — those things that really matter?

Each time I ask myself this question, I shudder to think about how much time I waste each day, each week, each month and each year doing stuff that in the end doesn’t matter.

No, I’m not a time management freak (although my wife would sometimes argue with me about that), but I do question how I spend my time.  If our time is not focused on helping others, then what are we doing?

Have I measurably improved my knowledge and skill set and how am I using it?

I think I learned a lot, but I get upset at myself when I learn something but never use it.   Why I continue to do the same things wrong time and again when I know what I should be doing is something I’ll never quite understand.

What did I do to better prepare myself for the years ahead?

I’m not talking about tomorrow. I’m talking about this year and the years to come.  Setting goals is simply not enough. I’ve set far too many goals over the years that have wound up going nowhere.

Did I surround myself with people who will challenge me and hold me accountable?

This is the one question I feel is the most important question to ask.  We all know we become like those we associate with.  For this reason, I’m so thankful for my wife and our marriage.  I can only wonder what kind of trouble I could have wound up having in life if I had not married her.

Looking at the questions, you’re probably thinking these aren’t what you were expecting, but that’s why I like them.

We can amass all of the stuff we want, but if we don’t create an impact on those we come in contact with and help others to achieve success, then everything was for naught.

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