Email isn’t always the perfect solution that many people hope for when it comes to prospecting. When you use email in the wrong way, it will do nothing for you and actually even hurt your ability to create sales. Below are 5 mistakes you can’t afford to make:

1. Never allow yourself to believe that email is the only prospecting tool you need. Email alone, without any other form of communication, will generate a very low response rate. Email along with voicemail will have a higher response rate.

2. Never send the same email repeatedly to the same person. Just because they didn’t respond the first time doesn’t give you permission to send it to them again and again until they respond.

3. Never include so much information in your email that the prospect is finds out everything they need to know without talking to you. The objective of a prospecting email is to create interest to get them to reach out to you.

4. Never introduce yourself in the first sentence of your email. Let’s not kid ourselves, your name is not going to draw them in, unless you happen to be somebody famous! Use the first sentence to engage the prospect in something of interest to them. Trust me, they’re not interested in you!

5. Never state in the email that you will call them. Saying this may make the person who was just about to respond to you decide to wait. Don’t give them any reason to not respond immediately. This does not mean you don’t call them. You certainly do want to follow up with a call, you just don’t want to tell them that that is your plan.

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