It’s not a workout for me unless I’m also listening to a podcast.  Yes, I go through a lot. but there are 4 podcasts to which I subscribe and never miss an episode. There’s another one I wish I could listen to and I know he will get back to podcasting in time.

The podcasts are a mix of sales, marketing, life and leadership.

Below is my list and yes, I think you need to subscribe to them too:

Marketing Book Podcast by Douglas Burdett – Each week he interviews and author of a new marketing or sales book.  What makes this so good is Douglas actually reads the book before he interviews the author.

In the Arena with host Anthony Iannrino – Anthony has a wide range of thought-provoking guests, such as Tom Peters and Alan Alda, and he mixes it up with his own commentary.  He always leaves me with something to think about and question more.

Sales Gravy with host Jeb Blount – It’s pure sales, and what’s good is you never know what sales topic Jeb will dive into or who he might have as a guest.  The ideas come at you fast and quick. It’s one you don’t listen to at 1.5 or 2.0 speed.

Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast – I’m bummed there is only one new episode a month and some are as short as 12 minutes.  Andy discusses leadership and, more importantly, who lives leadership, by interviewing successful business leaders.

Now the one I wish is I could listen to is Rory Vaden. He had a great podcast talking about sales and leadership.  I’m sure he’ll be back. I just hope it’s soon, as his insights were always outstanding.

That’s my list, but here’s my objective with each podcast I listen to.  Each day during my workout, my goal as I listen is to take away at least one nugget of information I can use either myself or share with another person.

Recently while listening to an Andy Stanley episode on culture, I immediately thought of two clients and emailed them the link to the podcast.

I view my workout as not just physical exercise, but also mental exercise.  Let me and others know what podcasts you listen to.   We benefit the most when we share with each other.

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