Prospecting is not for the faint of heart.

Every week I find myself answering questions from clients regarding how to implement a successful prospecting plan.

Biggest question people have is, “How come nobody returns my phone calls and nobody responds to my emails?”

The numbers are low. Even for the best of the best with a great message, it’s a tough road to hoe.

Check out this link and take a close look at #9 and #13.

Don’t be alarmed at how low they are. Rather, take comfort in knowing you’re not as bad as you might think you are.

The challenge is to see the averages and then realize these are averages. It’s your job to not be average, but to be great.

Your objective is to develop a message, methodology and process that allows you to achieve the above-average numbers of which you are capable!

Regarding emails, notice #3 and the impact the subject line plays in why an email is opened or ditched. Again, I like this, because it calls into mind how we need to focus as much time on the title as on the content itself.

As you read through the list, ask yourself which ones do you need to work on?

After you’ve read the list, if you’re serious about not being average but want to be at the top, I’d suggest you check out the new on-line learning system I have designed specifically to address each of the 25 items, as well as many more prospecting issues.

Here is the link!  Take a look and let’s get going! 

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