prospect won't engageEach week I get at least one or two emails or phone calls from salespeople asking for help in getting prospects to engage.

Below are 10 reasons prospects fail to engage.

Yes, there are more reasons, but I’ve found these 10 cover a lot of ground:

  1. You haven’t given them a reason. Your prospect didn’t wake up this morning hoping you would contact them.
  1. You’ve made every pitch about you and nothing about them.   The only person that cares about you is you. If you want to sell only to yourself keep on doing what you’re doing.
  1. You make it too hard to engage. You leave your phone number too quick for them to remember on your voicemail. Or you’re not accommodating them with the communication style they prefer.
  1. Your prospect is not a decision maker.
  1. The only thing you’re doing is confusing the prospect by not being clear with what you provide.
  1. You are giving the customer too many options. As a result, they aren’t sure what they want to do.
  1. Information you’re providing is exactly the same stuff the prospect can get from the internet. (Bonus for them is if they get the information from the internet, they don’t have to deal with you).
  1. You are not different than every other salesperson they’ve met.
  1. There is zero confidence in how you come across to the prospect, whether it be via the phone, email, or in person. Customers want to deal with people who are confident.
  1. You’re not taking the time to listen and the prospect knows it. You’re in such a rush to jam what you have on to the prospect that you aren’t taking the time to listen to them.

We would all like to think none of these resonate with what we do, but if we all take a step back and assess objectively, I’m going to say we all at least do shades of these things.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing thoughts as to how you can minimize these issues and turn them around to make each one of them a huge advantage for you.





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