Four weeks to go in the quarter, and you’re in a panic because you’re falling short.   Missing your quarterly number means no bonus and no bonus means the vacation you want to take your family on is not going to happen.

The pressure is building.  Is this you this quarter?  Was this you last quarter?  Could this be you next quarter?

Quick — what are the solutions to help you make you number?   That’s the question for which you want an answer!

Here are my 10 strategies for making your quarter-end number:

1. Stop trying to hit homeruns and instead go for the singles.

Hitting a homerun is great, but more times than not what comes before the homerun are a lot of strikeouts.  The last month of any quarter when you’re chasing your number, you need to be focusing in on singles.

These are the deals you can close much faster.  Save “swinging for the fences” for the beginning of the quarter or the start of the year when you have time to recover if the homerun is not going to happen.

2. Target your existing customers.

I see too many salespeople failing to secure the incremental extra business that can come fast from existing customers, only because they never stayed in touch with them. Your existing customers have already bought from you, so they’re comfortable with you. Credit is already set up and they’re ready to buy more, but you need to make the call.

3. Sell the value of time.

Customers may say they want to wait, but a decision to wait means they won’t receive the value of what you have to offer now.  Link the value of what you offer to time with a dollar amount.

4. Focus your selling on what you can deliver this quarter.

Getting the big order on inventory you won’t have until next quarter is not going to help you now.  Sales managers, this is where you play a key role by keeping your salespeople up to date with what’s available and what’s not.

5. Stay in your sweet spot with your sales efforts!

What I mean is now is not the time to venture into a new industry, a new geography or areas where you don’t already have a presence. That tactic simply is not going to be a good use of your time.  Focus on these areas at the start of the quarter, when you have more time to build awareness.

6. Reach out and ask for referrals.

Referrals typically will always close faster than somebody where you have no prior relationship or connection.

Don’t forget — just as you’re looking for referrals, so too are others looking for them.  Referrals are a two-way street.

7. Don’t over complicate your sales proposals!

Keep things as simple as possible for the customer to say “yes.”  This means don’t give your customer too many options. I never want to go with more than three options and I prefer just two.  Two options gives them the ability to decide but will not overwhelm them.

8. Use Mondays and Fridays to your advantage.

This is something you should be doing every week, but it’s even more important now.  Don’t allow yourself to believe customers don’t want to hear from you on Mondays or Fridays. Make the call. Remember, it’s your bonus that’s on the line.

9. Telephone overrules email.

You know I’m a fan of the telephone when it comes to sales, and it’s especially true as the end of the quarter approaches.  You can’t afford to have any delays, and the best way is by calling.   The email blast you want to send might make you feel good, but in the end it’s the sales you close this quarter that count.

10. Don’t ever give up and never stop believing in what you can do.

Last week I was talking with a salesperson on the phone who just a couple of quarter ago was struggling big time. The numbers weren’t there and neither was his attitude.  This quarter it’s a new ball game. His attitude is spot on and he’s closing deals. Your attitude and focus will play a much bigger role than you realize.

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