Before a prospect meets with you, they do one thing: Google your name and your company! They want to see what the Internet says about you. How well or poorly does the Internet speak of you? Watch my video on this here!



It’s not good enough to just have a social media reputation that isn’t stupid. Today, it’s about having an image that says you’re smart. So, what does this mean for you as a sales leader? It means that you can ditch the endless commentary about the sales awards you’ve won and the number of “Top Seller” trips you’ve been on. Your prospects don’t care! In fact, these accolades can actually turn off a prospect, because it makes it seem like it’s all about you.

Instead, you want your social media profiles and LinkedIn displaying how you care for those you work with and your industry.  The easiest way to do is to post a news article about something in business or your industry once a week. When you post/share it, go ahead and add a couple comments of your own. Doing this helps others see you as insightful. It shows them that you look outward at the bigger picture of what’s happening around you. They will better understand that you’re more than just a salesperson, you’re a sales leader.

Remember that your prospects are busy. The last thing a prospect wants to do is sit through one more presentation. Prospects would rather glean insights from people that will help them achieve their goals. The salesperson who loads up their profile with only information about themselves and their company is not going to be seen as salesperson.

Prospects have options and customers have options, so this means you must bring them value even before you arrive. Your reputation always arrives before you. Furthermore, it’s your reputation that will determine if you even get the meeting.

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