Each year, I ask my readers to give me their insights on the state of the sales profession.  The survey is short, sweet and to the point, but more importantly, it gives us all the opportunity to learn from each other.  Also, I think insights like this can offer nuggets of gold on how to boost our sales motivation and focus our efforts.

Will you take a few moments to cruise through this 2010 sales survey? I will share the results in an upcoming blog entry.

As I write this, I know many of you are winding down the year and about to enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.  I will be doing the same, as well as looking forward to the opportunities just around the corner in 2011.  I have made great progress on the book I have been writing, so stay tuned.

Before I sign off for this post, I just wanted to remind you that I am always interested in hearing your sales stories and the tools and resources you highly recommend (websites, books, etc.)   Let’s keep the momentum going on our sales motivation.  Here’s to great selling!

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