Regardless of your position and regardless of what your official title is, you are a sales leader. Your job is to view it as an honor and a privilege.  Each conversation you have and each decision you make needs to be done with the mindset of you as a sales leader.

As a sales leader, your role is to put the other person ahead of you.  When you place the other person ahead of you, you’ll be in a position to understand them better.  With this being our objective, we are able to serve them better.  Great salespeople don’t become great without first becoming a great sales leader.

Check out this 53-second video, Leadership Impact is Sales Leadership:

One of the best bosses I ever had was John Canavan. He personified sales leadership.  Whether it was a one-on-one conversation I was having with John or a sales call with a major account, he put everyone else ahead of himself.  This didn’t mean he wasn’t in control. He certainly was, but he did it by taking the time to listen to everyone else.

It can seem uncomfortable to put others first, but I never said being a sales leader would be comfortable.

Sales leadership is more than two words, and it is more than an activity. Being a sales leader is a frame of mind that shapes everything you do.  On an organization chart you may occupy the lowest position or as a small business you may occupy the only spot on the chart. It does not matter. You’re a sales leader.

Your objective today and every day is to place those around you first so you can listen and understand them better.  We can never forget that our ability to influence and impact begins with having the ability to listen.

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