Recently, I had a discussion with a sales manager about how to connect with customers.  This was no casual conversation; it was serious, because he was with a start-up company who had 18 months at best, to achieve critical mass. The sales manager knew me well from my work with him at a previous company. The longer the conversation, the more animated we both became. Everyone around us could clearly see that we were having a good time.

One thing that made our time meaningful was our complimentary view of sales. Neither one of us think of sales as a job. This became evident when we began scoping out the ideal salesperson for him to hire in the coming weeks. With an 18-month window to scale the company in a highly competitive vertical, the last thing we needed was to hire people looking for just a job.

I remember part way through our conversation, we burst out laughing and again, to the dismay of the people next to us trying to enjoy a quiet dinner. We laughed, because we both agreed that the solution was to only hire people like us. Why did we believe that? Simple! We both don’t see sales as a job or even a profession. Both of us view sales as a lifestyle.

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Hiring people who view sales as a lifestyle is not a “nice to have” but a “must have” requirement, because of the nature of the sales process and the incredible outcome it provides customers. The product the salespeople is asked to sell is not a product. Rather, it is an outcome, because it will change the customer’s life going forward. Trust me, hiring a salesperson who views sales as a job and make it all about the products they sell fails faster than fast.

When salespeople view what they do as a lifestyle, it’s amazing how well they listen and deepen their relationships. When the sales manager looked at his business plan, this was the only type of salesperson he could afford or wanted to accept.

How do you view sales? Do you view it as a job or a profession, or are you one of the few who look at sales as a lifestyle? There are 3 traits that separate those viewing sales as a lifestyle. The first trait is a passion for listening. The second trait is energy and grit to view sales as something you do 24/7. Finally, the third trait – and the secret sauce – is an  unwavering commitment to help customers see and achieve what they didn’t think was possible.

For those who live with the perspective of sales as a lifestyle, the opportunities are endless and the adrenaline never fades. Have that mindset!

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