sales-motivation-excitedRemember as a child how excited you were in the days leading up to your birthday, Christmas or some other big event?

You couldn’t wait for that day to arrive, because you knew it was going to be amazing!

Why not approach this week the same way you approached those special days as a child?

Go ahead…do it!  Your sales motivation is depending on this kind of attitude.

As a child in the days leading up to Christmas, it seemed as if everything was a spectacle. I was constantly on the hunt for a clue and some sort of indication as to what Christmas morning might bring.

What a great approach to this week.

Approach it with the same open eyes and open ears, and be on the prowl for those new opportunities and the excitement that awaits.

Sometimes, I can’t help but think that maybe if we all had a little more child-like approach to our jobs, we would have more fun and get more out of those jobs.

With each call you make and each customer or prospect you meet, be looking for the unexpected clue and the new opportunity you may have been overlooking for months or even years.

One of the amazing things about a child and their new toys is the way they play with them.

I can remember on many occasions watching my own children completely disregarding the normal a way a toy should be used and using it in a completely different manner.  Yet, despite the fact they disregarded the instructions, they were gaining an incredible amount of fun out of it.

The same can be said with how we approach our customers. Sometimes we have to throw away the playbook and look at things differently to uncover the unexpected.

Let’s have fun this week. Be looking for the unexpected and making it the expected.

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