happy customer 2Another day. Another flight. Another set of strangers I encounter and another set of people I meet.

Stop and ask yourself what kind of an impact you make on people you come in contact with?

We’re always so concerned about our customer meetings, and understandably, we feel those people are the important people we encounter in our jobs.

Yes, they’re important, but I’ll say everyone else is just as important.

I’m not saying this merely out of fulfilling something our mothers always told us to do.  No, I’m saying it for a much bigger reason.

It is impossible to separate out areas of our lives and put our actions into perfect compartments.  We’re not wired that way. Our emotions, physical stamina, mental condition — everything is interwoven into everything we do.

There is zero chance we can be 100% successful in a customer meeting if only minutes before the meeting we found ourselves in a heated argument with somebody else.  It’s just not going to happen.

The approach we need to take is one of striving to make a positive impact on those we meet, regardless of who they are, where they are or the role they may play in our life.

When we embrace that a key aspect of our job is to impact people positively, it can’t help but impact every other decision we make.  Those who take this approach simply make better decisions and have better outcomes.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? It almost sounds trivial, yet the impact is huge.

Notice I wrote the impact is huge. I didn’t write the impact could be huge.   Why?  I don’t base it on scientific studies or some sort of peer review analysis.  I base it on what I see in others and myself when the objective of impacting others positively is valued.

I’m not going to tell you how to do it. I’ll leave that up to you.

Only thing I will say is make it your ojective each day to do it — have a positive impact on those around you, no matter how you come in contact with them.

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