Are you able to provide your customers with insights about their customers they didn’t even know? If you want to be seen as a sales leader, you need to be seen as knowing what the customer knows and then some.

Check out this 42-second video about the value of knowing more:

If your customer can’t satisfy their customers, before too long you’ll find little reason to satisfy your customer.  They won’t need you because they will be out of business. Your role as a sales leader is not to merely satisfy the needs of your customer by filling their orders and tending to their requests.  Your role must be one of helping customers grow their business by providing them insights and strategies they can leverage. When we help our customers grow, we’re helping our own business grow.

Understanding the customers your customers service not only helps you sell more, but it gives your company insight as to where the market is going. Insights at this level can help you better understand how to sell to other customers and help identify potential issues months in advance. Let’s call it — early intelligence. The value of this can be priceless.

Think for a moment about how much attention your customer would give you if they knew you had key insights about their customers? If you are in an account manager position, this is absolutely key to your job. If you sell in a short sales cycle business, knowing this type of information will allow you to shorten the sales cycle even more.

In today’s environment there is so much information available, it can be easy to simply ignore all of it.  This is where you are in a unique position. You are currently bringing valuable customer insights to the table just by being in a sales role. These insights allow you the opportunity to be seen as a leader cutting through the noise of too much information.

Unless your customers see you as a sales leader, there is little for you to do to be seen as different. Understanding your customer’s customer is one step forward in being seen differently.

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