Time is one resource you can’t make more of. It’s possible to make more of every other resource, but you can’t with time. The question you must ask yourself is how effective are you using your time? You’re in sales. Being effective is extremely critical. This is one of the many topics I talk about in my book, A Mind for Sales. Not only does it matter that you use your time wisely, but you’re using your time to create a compound effect. Certainly, there are things you can do related to customer facing time, but today I want to focus on your learning and specifically your learning ability.  

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In a chapter of A Mind For Sales, I ask three questions. The first question is: what did I learn? Stop and ask yourself that question each day. What did you learn? The second question is: who did I help? Again, ask yourself whom did you help each and every day. Who was I able to make a difference with? Chances are you probably were able to help them because of what you learned. And the third and final question to ask yourself is: how will what I learned today help me tomorrow? Let’s phrase that a little bit differently- what did I learn today, and how will I use what I learned tomorrow? It’s a very simple question that you should ask yourself day in and day out for one big reason. The reason is because if you can make each day one where not only did you help people but you learned things, then you can turn around and apply it to the next day to make somebody else better and yourself better. That is when it becomes a compound effect and growth starts to happen.  

You see, I use time to my advantage. I use time to learn in everything that I do, everything that I see, everything that I hear, everything that I watch, and everything that I observe. What is it all about? It’s about learning from your environment. When we start to do that and we apply it to helping other people see, sales happens. That’s what sales is all about. Sales is about taking knowledge you learned from one customer for one opportunity across to another customer and another opportunity. You constantly think to yourself, “hey, can I use it over here? Can this help me over here?” and build upon the activities each day. 

When you have that compound effect of learning, it’s amazing the different kind of an impact you have on people. I challenge you to do that every day for six months, do that every day for a year, do that every day for your whole career, and you’ll see a difference in who you are as a salesperson, not to mention as a business person and as a leader. This is one of the reasons I wrote the book A Mind for Sales. I do hope you pick up a copy and read it. Buy now! 

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