sales motivationEvery salesperson has experienced at one time or another multiple voices in their head.

Sometimes the voices are optimistic and helping to drive things forward.

Other times the voices are sounds of doom and gloom, doing everything possible to suck the life out of you.

Whatever voices you’ve experienced, there’s one thing for sure, they travel in a pack. Yes, the multiple voices are just that — multiple.  It seems they appear almost on cue when your sales momentum is either going up or down.

Recently I was talking to a salesperson who has had a history of major successes.  The person is very highly regarded in the industry in which he works.

During the conversation I could tell things were not normal.  Over the course of 10 minutes he shared nearly a dozen bleak situations.  Or, I should say, he was painting them as bleak.  What I found interesting is several of the situations he described to me had earlier in the day been described to me by another salesperson as positive events.

I found it interesting how two people could see the same thing and take away different outcomes.  In my opinion, it came down to one thing — they saw it based on what the voices in their head were telling them at the time.

The two salespeople were experiencing different voices, one positive and the other negative.  What I found very concerning was the person sharing with me the negative news actually had negative news on a whole host of things.

The more he talked, the more negative he became.

My conclusion from this is simple, negative voices will appear, and when they do, they can very quickly begin to set up residence in your mind.   Your response has to be to identify quickly that one source of positive sales success.  Take that one positive piece of sales success and dwell on it, write it down, and write out all the reasons it’s a success.

Then write down the steps you can take to carry the success over to other customers.

Key is to not just think it, but write it downNothing will cause the negative voices to leave faster than you being totally occupied dealing with positive news.

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