Happy Birthday The Sales Hunter Podcast! 

To celebrate one year of incredible growth and learning, our team has nominated ten episodes to highlight the diverse learning opportunities the podcast offers each week.


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Episode 10

Selling a Product v.s. Selling a Solution

Mark and Jeff Bajorek compare notes on how to become a person worth talking to, and having something worth talking about. 

Which do you do more? Talking, or learning?

Episode 18

3 Steps to Make Outbound Easier

A cold call is not a mini-sales call. Jason Bay teaches how we can warm it up into a conversation between peers.

What insights could you share that would make their time worth it even if they don’t move forward with you? 

Episode 11

5 Ways to Take Your Sales to the Next Level

Mark dives into why we sell, and how to find a powerful why.

Episode 26

How Salespeople Can Build Trust and Close Deals

Larry Levine shares how to work discussions of trust into our conversations with customers by leaning in and getting to know them.

Larry and Mark share how it is possible, and discuss the non-negotiables great salespeople (and human beings) simply aren’t willing to sacrifice to make a deal.

Episode 34

What Mindset Separates Average from a Top Performer?

We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, shows how mindset is often what separates top performers from the pack of average.

Episode 35

How High Performers Overcome Indecision

Most salespeople meet customer indecision with fanfare of ROI data; why their solution is better, faster, or cheaper—maybe even fake urgency.

Matt Dixon shares how these tactics are statistically proven to work against us… and only deepen a customer’s indecisiveness.

Episode 37 

6 Habits of Top Performing Salespeople


Success in sales isn’t all about the product you sell, or the customers you have. It starts with you. 

Episode 52

How Top Salespeople Prepare for the Day, Then Conquer It

What are your non-negotiables today? Is everything on your to-do list mission critical?

Carson Heady shares how to use every resource at your disposal to show up, invest in relationships, and create value. 

Episode 36 

7 Email Prospecting Strategies that Work


Let’s improve the content of your email, as well as the response rate.

You don’t want emails that just get opened, you want them to start a conversation–and lead to a sale! 

Episode 62 

Unlocking Success on LinkedIn

Could your social media habits be sabotaging your ability to reach people on LinkedIn?

Richard Bliss shares practical ways to make your activity on LinkedIn effective and reach a wider audience

Thank you to our listeners, and to each of our 43 guests who brought such valuable insights to the show.

Cheers to Year #2!


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