It’s spring and what does that mean? Winter is finally over.

As I look around the neighborhood behind me, I see cherry blossom trees starting to bloom. The grass is green and there are little sprouts popping up. The weeds, too. What I cannot help but think is in the midst of winter, when the snow is deep and it’s cold and ugly, I feel like it is going to last forever.

You know what? It changes. I hear birds singing in the background. What does this tell you? Spring is here, and as much as we sit there and say, “Life is tough right now,” and get down about our current situation, things change. Even when we think we cannot get up, things really do change.


Around the Corner

Regardless of the situation you may find yourself in, there is always a new season around the corner. I have to remind myself no matter how dismal or tough things may seem to be, the new season always comes.

The valleys are never as deep as we think they are. The mountains are never as high as we think they are. There is always a new day and a new opportunity ahead.

Only about three weeks ago, our grass was as brown as can be. Now, it’s green and I see a tree in the back starting to bud. It is probably a couple of weeks away from full bloom, but I know it is going to happen. The same thing applies to our lives.


Timetables for Change

When things start getting better, we have to realize things will continue to get better.

This tree is not budding at the same time as the cherry blossoms up the street are. Everything is on a different timetable and we need to accept that. We have to recognize that things continue to change.


I love spring because it confirms that no matter how harsh winter has been, spring is followed by summer. It is amazing the lessons we can learn from it. Take care.

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