At 34,000 feet over the Pacific, on my way to Hong Kong, I did something I rarely do — I watched a movie.

I found myself immersed in the movie “Darkest Hour,” the story of Winston Churchill during World War II.  The movie shows truly a dark period of time for the United Kingdom.  The leadership of Churchill was certainly called into question at nearly every moment during the war.  Yet we do know how it ended and how the UK did achieve success over significant odds.

As I watched the movie, it became evident to me how success doesn’t have a timeline and it doesn’t always send signals of its pending arrival. UK citizens had every reason to question what might occur, just as the people of France and elsewhere were questioning everything, too.

For Churchill, his leadership decisions carried with them grave outcomes of the loss of life, and yet he continued to make decisions knowing he had to move forward.  Success was far from certain in the face of a shrinking timeline.

We will never find ourselves in a leadership situation like Churchill found himself in, yet there are still things to be learned.   Biggest is how success can appear when we least expect it, and bigger yet is how it can come in a manner we do not expect.

Leadership is about moving forward and never losing faith in the goal at hand.  Success does not come on a given day. It does not come at a given hour. But it does come to those who remain focused on the tasks at hand.  Leaders strive to never lose faith in their ability and the ability of those around them.

Success is coming — that you can be assured.

The movie ends with a compelling quote…

“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” — Winston Churchill

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