We all mourn the passing of Steve Jobs, despite the fact we all knew it was coming.

It still hits hard.

I’m not going to dwell on the many things Steve did or said.  Rather, I want to compare him to me.  Or, if you think I’m being self-centered, let’s compare him to you.

Steve Jobs pursued things with passion. Do you pursue things with the same passion?

Steve Jobs was relentless about perfection. Do you push for perfection in the things you do?

Steve Jobs looked outside for ideas. Do you look outside your industry for ideas?

Steve looked at things not in the present state, but at a point in time somewhere in the future. What timeframe are you looking at?

Steve Jobs was willing to try and fail. Are you willing to try and fail?

Steve Jobs acted tactically but did so keeping his eye on the big strategy. Are you big-picture focused?

Steve Jobs was willing to change the rules when necessary. Are you willing to change your process?

Steve Jobs never stopped asking “how come” and “why not.” How many times a day do you ask “how” or “why”?

Steve never stopped learning. How much learning do you do on a regular basis?

Steve never stopped believing in himself. Do you believe in yourself as much as Steve believed in himself?

Steve had circle of peers he used to help develop better solutions. Do you have circle of peers you can turn to?

Now, let me ask you the same question I have to ask myself:  Why not?

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