It’s a spring day in Omaha, which means it is time to remove the snow stakes. Those of you from southern climates are going, “What is a snow stake?” They are stakes you put in the ground so that you can tell where to plow or where not to plow.

These stakes are only put in temporarily, thank goodness, and I take them out here because the weather is getting nice. I don’t need these bumpers anymore.

We all have bumpers in life, and what do they do? They tell us a couple of simple things.

One: We should not go there. We need to avoid that. We normally think of bumpers as something permanent, but for example, these snow stakes are seasonal.

There are probably bumpers you need to put in your life just to get a project done today. There are bumpers you need in order to get something done this week, this month or this quarter. Then, when you’re done, you can remove it.

What is interesting is how many times we think of bumpers being installed by other people, but I put these particular bumpers in. There are times when I have to put stakes in the ground for my own personal boundaries.

Think about this: What are the boundaries you have in your life? Do you need to put more boundaries in place?

Without these snow stakes, our yard would be a mess because the driver would not know where to stop. He would probably tear up the lawn pretty good but thank goodness we have these temporary boundaries in place.

What are the temporary boundaries you need in your life? Take care.

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