If you are quick to label a customer “stupid,” a stupid salesperson is usually close by. And their sales motivation is probably in the tank.

What makes a salesperson think a customer is stupid?  More often than not, it’s because the salesperson chooses to believe the customer is stupid.

And why would a salesperson think this way, you ask.  It’s simple — the customer is usually not going along with what the salesperson is saying.

The way I look at it is the customer may appear to be stupid in the mind of the salesperson, but it’s more due to the salesperson’s ineffectiveness in connecting with the customer.

I’ll be upfront right here and say that yes, over the years in my selling career, I’ve referred to customers as being stupid on numerous occasions.  However, when I objectively look back on each situation, it was more a failure of me being able to communicate effectively with them.  Simply put — it’s not that the customer was stupid.

It’s that I was stupid.

If the word “stupid” didn’t mean anything, I’d let it go. But the problem is it does mean something.  Plain and simple — it’s a negative word that eats away at our own mental state.  It starts to destroy our sales motivation. And our integrity.

What it does is very subtly eat away at the positive perspective we need to be exhibiting 24/7 if we’re going to be top performing salespeople.

Now if your goal is to be a below average salesperson, then go ahead and use the phrase “stupid customer” all you want.

I’d suggest, however, that each time you use the phrase “stupid customer,” you also use the phrase “stupid salesperson.”

Sales is a wonderful profession. What makes it great is the ability to interact and impact so many people each and every day.

If that is your objective, then you’ll agree with me there is no such thing as a stupid customer.

Copyright 2011, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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