Your reputation does count. This is true always and maybe even more so when you prospect. What are you doing to ensure your name and reputation precede you when prospecting?

This is one of the reasons I say you have to monitor your social media very carefully. When people throw out on their Facebook the stuff they do regarding their personal life, and then turn around and expect to be taken as a professional the next day, there is a disconnect. I’m not saying you should live two separate lives. What I am saying is you need to be leading a life 24/7 that is a life of respect and allows you to live your reputation in everything you do.

If you expect people to refer you to others and if you expect to be viewed as a top performer in your industry, then you must live a life of respect, constantly having good discernment about your reputation. When you show respect to others and treat others properly, then you’ll have the reputation that not only precedes you, but also helps open doors for you.

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