A big part of your sales motivation is to ask yourself the following question at the end of each day:  What did I learn today and how will I use it tomorrow? 

Stop and think about the customers you interacted with today, the information you read, and the work you did. Out of everything you did, there is at least one new insight you picked up.  Too many times we go through the day racing to accomplish things, not realizing what we’re doing. More importantly, we don’t realize how we can learn from it and how it can positively impact our sales motivation.

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.   I agree with the statement. I also agree that we don’t realize how much the way we sell needs to be continually changing.  If we can learn something new each day and then find a way to apply it the next day, can you imagine what impact it would have on you personally and professionally?

Will the things we learn each day be incredible breakthroughs? Well, not always. Many times what we learn will border on the very ordinary. But that doesn’t mean we stop learning and applying.  The fact that most of what we learn borders on redundant is the whole key, because if we can find ways to better ourselves and boost our sales motivation from ordinary redundancy, then think for a moment at how much we’ll learn when we do uncover the big breakthrough idea.

I like to think of this idea the way somebody would say if you want to get on an airplane you have to be at an airport —  hanging out at the train station is not going to get you on an airplane.  If you want to learn and grow, you have to condition your mind and your thinking to always be learning, so when the big idea does come up, you’ll know how to learn and grow from it.

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