sales motivation thinkingIt’s time to get over it and quit worrying about stuff that doesn’t matter.

I recently heard someone complaining about how they only got 4 hours of sleep and they couldn’t function. Problem was the person kept talking about their lack of sleep.

Gee, it’s amazing how if you keep thinking about something, you’re going to get freaked out by it.

The more the conversation went on, the more I wanted to jump in and tell the person to forget about it and move on. The more they talked, the more their own talk was blocking out everything else.

Let’s put this in perspective of selling.

How many times do we allow something to enter into our mind and it begins to crowd out everything else?  Before we know it, we become convinced we can’t do something.

Sales is all about momentum and it starts with what you’re thinking.

Back to the person who was complaining about the lack of sleep and what they should have been doing.  Simply put, they should have forgotten about the lack of sleep, just moved on and focused on making something happen.

Life is too short to be making up dumb excuses for our lack of doing something.

Life is too short to allow us to wind up thinking about and worrying about stuff that is not worth our concern.  Move on and attack each day with the mindset of not making excuses.

Attack each day with the mindset of making a positive difference, not dwelling on stuff that will do nothing but slow you down!

Sales is about momentum and it starts with what you’re thinking With that being the case, doesn’t it make more sense to spend your time thinking about success and the reasons you’re going to be successful?

Sure makes sense to me.

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