strategic-phone-callWe all want to start off the week on a high note, so one of the easiest ways to do that is by calling one of your favorite customers every Monday morning.

This is so much more productive than calling another salesperson and spending 20 minutes on the phone complaining about all of the paperwork or the huge quota or anything else that you find tedious about your job.

By calling a great customer on a Monday morning, you will hear from them why they like working with you. They will likely share something with you that shows what the relationship means to them.

Wow! What could be better?  With this approach, you’re using your customers to motivate you!

If you think about it, the concept should be illegal, because what you’re doing is not calling out of concern for the customer, but  out of concern about your own level of sales motivation.

Remember, it’s not a game of calling the same customer every Monday morning. I would hope you have at least several customers you could reach out to on a rotating basis.

Not only are you going to motivate yourself, but along the way you will learn new information and ideas from the customers you call.  You can use this information to better serve other customers during the week ahead.   Like I said, this idea should almost be illegal. It’s that good.

Keep a log of what customers tell you.  Having a log gives you something to refer to anytime during the week when you begin to feel down. It can be a huge way to help get yourself back on track

This approach is especially helpful for the salesperson who is working on their own out of their home.   Things can get a little lonely sometimes, so using your good customers to help motivate you can be a huge advantage.

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