Sales motivation is a daily event. It requires both dedication and an attitude to maintain a high level. As we enter the time of year where there are a number of holidays (and, as a result, a number of distractions), it’s very easy to fall out of routines. Therefore, it’s this time of year when salespeople have a real opportunity to demonstrate that they truly are sales professionals. More than anything else, success right now is built on staying motivated by keeping your routine and ensuring your prospecting habits don’t take a back seat to distractions.

Please don’t let me give you the sense that I’m shrugging off the holidays. I do want you to enjoy them, but do so with the commitment and dedication to stay focused on what you need to be doing. Too many salespeople tend to “pack it in” during this time of year. Think about it: when others in sales “pack it in”, it creates opportunities for top performing salespeople to jump upon. Plus, the person who slacks off always has a harder time starting back up come January.

You drive your level of sales motivation. Especially as the year draws to a close, stay focused and committed to your customers and prospects. In 2009, you’ll thank me for it!

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