I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of Dave Kahle’s new book, “How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime.”  Obviously, I make it a habit to read sales books, because just like you, I am committed to better understanding the sales industry.  My ears particularly perk up when I hear about something that can have such a positive impact on sales motivation.

Such is the case with Kahle’s book.  Think this is just another consultant speaking in theory and rhetoric and hypothetical situations?  Think again.  Kahle spent many years selling in a variety of industries, so he understands which sales principles have universal threads of success.  And for well over 20 years, he has helped numerous companies refine their sales approach to garner the success that otherwise was eluding them.

That’s all wonderful, but what I like most about this book is Kahle’s personable approach.  He shares real examples, and his authenticity in wanting to help you and other salespeople is reflected in his writing style. 

The book covers misconceptions about selling, as well as which skills increase your proficiency in closing sales. Kahle devotes a significant portion of the book to what you need to do to engage the right people and help them be comfortable with you.  It is in this context of developing trust that real sales success is propelled.

If you are not already the type of person who keeps a book with you at all times, now is a good opportunity to begin such healthy habit.  Whether you have sales resources in your car, office or home, do what you can to become accustomed to continual learning.  You will be surprised at how quickly 10 or 15 minutes a day reading in a sales book can positively impact your sales motivation and your sales success.

Think I’m wrong?  Try it for a month and then assess if you are better or worse off in your sales skill set.  My guess already is that your sales motivation will increase, which can’t help but have a positive impact on your pocketbook as well.

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