This time of year, many salespeople are receiving their bonus checks for 2009. So what are a lot of salespeople doing? Complaining about how their company failed to do this or failed to do that and how it wound up hurting their bonus.

Salespeople are always quick to point out how the bonus plan isn’t fair or it’s way too complicated or nobody took the time to explain it to them until the year was half gone. When I hear this, the only thing I see happening is their sales motivation getting knocked. My advice is pretty simple: Forget about it! What happened in 2009 is gone. Let the company pay you what they choose to pay you, say thank you, and congratulate yourself on whatever the amount was.

The worst thing you can do is start complaining about how the bonus plan works. When you do this, you’re really just taking up valuable selling time. Why even run the risk of severely impacting your sales motivation? It’s just not worth it. Get over it and get on with making 2010 the best year ever for you.

I can give you story after story from my own 20 year experience working for major corporations about how I felt I got short-changed, but ultimately I can’t change the past. Today is the best day you’ll ever have to forget about the 2009 compensation plan. Focus 100% on taking control of your 2010 business and your sales motivation. You will be amazed at what can happen with that kind of focus!

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