Sales Motivation: Best of Times Found in the Worst of Times

I’m tired of hearing people complain about how the economy is lousy and they can’t get anything going and their sales motivation has taken a dive.  As a motivational sales speaker and trainer, I refuse to believe it. I firmly believe that tough times create the best opportunities.

The number of significant successes that have come out of tough times is simply amazing.  One example is the personal computer era. This came of age during the recession of  1978-82.  And Forbes recently ran an article that includes an innovative idea from an entrepreneur I know.

Ken Hartman of EVR Solutions refuses to accept difficult times.  Instead, he is growing his sales.  He is turning the grocery industry on end with his latest idea.  What I like about the idea is Ken isn’t just putting a new spin on something, he is completely reinventing the rules of an industry he’s been part of for years.

Have you allowed your sales motivation and your sales success to take a dive, all because of the economy?  Better take a different stand so that you will indeed see the opportunities all around you.

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