We’re barely into the New Year and already people are blowing off their 2010 goals. Nothing can and will destroy your sales motivation faster than kidding yourself about why you haven’t taken your goals seriously.

When you try to justify to yourself as to why you can’t get around to something you know you have to do, you’re knocking your ability to make a commitment and do it. To me, it’s what I call “self-integrity” and the ability to be honest with yourself. You have to ask yourself, “When I say I’m going to do something, do I do it?”

When you make excuses as to why something is not getting done, you are subconsciously telling yourself you’re not capable of finishing what you started. Tell that to a customer and see what it gets you. Tell a customer you’re going to do something by a certain date and then not deliver by that date and see what happens. Your customer isn’t going to like it. Your customer who is buying from you based on the level of confidence they see in you is going to begin questioning that confidence.

The level of confidence you provide your customer is in direct relation to your level of sales motivation. Your level of sales motivation is directly impacted by the way you do, or do not do, the things you’ve told yourself you’re going to do. Are you lying to yourself? Only you know.

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