Sales meetings are too often an absolute waste of time and resources, because they wind up being nothing more than an update on the state of the business. This is interesting, because the vast majority of sales managers think their sales meetings are motivational affairs that will help lift the level of sales motivation in their team.

Here’s a very quick technique every sales manager needs to put in place to help with the issue of sales motivation. First, have each salesperson share their number one success story and one sales tip they’ve learned since the last sales meeting. Second, have each salesperson share one goal they expect to achieve before the next sales meeting. Having this simple round of sharing ideas helps hold salespeople accountable. At the same time, it allows them to learn from each other.

Your role as the manager is to ensure they’re all engaged, and then after everyone has shared their success story, ask the group to select amongst themselves the top performer. Now you’ve created a tool that allows the team to motivate each other. For you as the manager, you’ve now been able to get them to state publicly what you will be following up on between now and the next sales meeting. There is nothing complex about this, but when you match this with your positive reinforcement and support both during the meeting and throughout the period of time until the next meeting, you will see your sales team’s level of sales motivation increase. More importantly, you will see that level of motivation stay at an increased level for longer periods of time.

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