sales management simplifiedBlunt and in your face! Four words that sum up what makes Mike Weinberg’s book Sales Management Simplified different than other management books out there.

There are three reasons why I like this book.

First reason is it’s straight talk, blunt and yes in your face. Don’t get me wrong, all of this is in a very good way.

Weinberg doesn’t mince words and cuts to the chase as to why so many sales managers should not be sales managers and the damage they’re inflicting on their salespeople.

Second reason I like the book is because the content comes from the real world. Zero theory, zero classroom discussion, 100% street talk.

If you want proof of it, just read some of the situations the author shares. He is throwing people under the bus in how he describes what you should not be doing.

Third reason I like the book is because Weinberg states the importance of culture in an organization and the role the sales manager plays in it.

Yes, the book is geared towards sales managers, but I’ll argue there is plenty of raw meat to chew on for anyone in a management position or aspiring to become a manager. Take a look for yourself at this link!




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