Each day you impact and influence other people.  This is something you do regardless of whether you think you’re doing it.

Just as you’re impacting others, so too others are impacting you. Again, this is regardless of whether the other person wants to.

Being seen as a sales leader requires a different set of expectations.  If we don’t see ourselves as a sales leader, then how do we expect others to see us as a sales leader?

Challenge is being a sales leader is not like playing Fortnite or any other video game where you can always push the replay button.  Sorry, life does not have a reset button, especially with regard to how others see us.

Watch this 67-second video where I talk about the power of influence and impact as a leader:

Sales leadership is a lifestyle you choose to live. When you choose to live it, you do so 24/7.

This means with everyone you meet, regardless of their title, their profession or how they look, you see them as people you have the privilege to help. You help by making their day better because of the interaction you had with them.

This is the essence of impact and influence, and when you do, you know you will have earned the right, the privilege, the honor, and the respect to meet with that person again.

Sales is a process that never ends. It is anything but a one-off transaction, regardless of how some may want to view sales.  This means each relationship you make and each person you meet holds the potential to open or close the next door.

Success is not something achieved in an instant. That’s called winning the lottery, and I doubt anyone is going to build a business plan around winning the lottery.  Success is the reward of leadership, and it’s seen in the people you lead, regardless of their title, role or position in life.

Your job each day is to approach it with focus to make a positive impact and have influence on each person you meet.   In the video I refer to it as having a big E.G.O. —  Empowering Greater Outcomes in those you come in contact with.

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