The argument I hear is how sales leadership is something that only involves top performing sales people, sales managers or those who work for a company with huge market share.

People who say this are shortchanging themselves and their potential.

Sales leadership is a fundamental to anyone in sales who is striving to grow their sales and profit.

You might be a new salesperson or one assigned to the servicing only small companies. It doesn’t matter what your position, sales leadership does matter.

People seek out leadership.  Customers will be far more likely to do business with a salesperson who demonstrates leadership than one who is unsure of themselves and comes across as not having an confidence.

There is no way a salesperson who is seen as lacking in confidence could ever expect to overcome issues regarding price — or anything else for that matter that could impede a sale.

Sales leadership allows you, the salesperson, to be seen as a person with whom the customer can do business.  The more confidence the customer has in the salesperson, the more the customer will be willing to pay. This isn’t rocket science, but think about this for a moment.

If you don’t have confidence in something, there is no way you’re going to be willing to pay much for it.  On the other hand if you are confident, you will have a higher level of willingness to pay more.

Sales leadership allows the salesperson to be seen as one who has the ability to solve problems and allow the customer to achieve the goals or benefits they desire.  This does not mean the salesperson is empowered to control everything and it doesn’t mean the salesperson knows everything there is to know.

What this means is the salesperson is willing to take control and help the customer in answering their questions.   New salespeople lack the knowledge and experience a veteran might have, but that does not mean they can’t be seen as having sales leadership in the eyes of those with whom they meet.

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