Real leaders focus on others. They don’t focus on themselves.

Recently, I was with Bob Burg, the author of the Go-Giver series of books.  (Yes, I strongly recommend you read every one of them.)  Bob personifies the leader who moves the focus away from himself.  Watch this 68-second video and you’ll quickly see what I mean:


Leadership is about helping others, and it’s about helping others in a way that lifts them up.  This is the same whether it be a person we manage or a customer to whom we are selling. The more we elevate the other person, the greater the receptivity of the message.  If you think this is nothing more than a “participation trophy” mentality, you’re mistaken.

It’s about finding the positive in what the other person is doing and building on it.

Sales and leadership are one in the same. You know I talk about the parallels between the two a lot, but as Bob says in the video, it’s about shifting the focus to how we can bring value to the other person.

When you get done talking to someone, can you clearly say you brought value to them?  Too many salespeople and managers leave this out and they make the conversation about themselves, whether it be an introductory prospecting call or a routine conversation.  The only conversation that will be seen as valuable will be the one where the other person walks away feeling they received value.

Sales does not have to be complicated when we put the focus 100% on the other person.  The prospect doesn’t care how great you and your company are. They don’t care what else you make; they care about themselves.

Be deliberate in your discussions, not with canned questions but with a keen interest in truly understanding them.

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