Learn to control your emotions. You always want your enthusiasm to be one-step above your customer’s level of enthusiasm. If you are not as excited as they are, they’ll begin to question you. However, keep in mind that if your level of enthusiasm is dramatically above theirs, they will also suspect something is askew.

This is as much of a problem for the seasoned veteran as it is for the fresh, new salesperson.   If you’ve been in Sales a long time, it’s very easy to lose the “fire in your belly” and wind up coming across as a tired, old geezer.  It’s not very exciting to have to deal with a person like that.  At the same time, the brand new salesperson can often be gushing with so much enthusiasm that it appears they’re going to explode any second.  Again, this type of person can be one people want to avoid.  In the end, controlling your emotions is very similar to watching your body language. With both, you have to take your cues from the other person.

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