How resilient are you? You most likely think you’re incredibly resilient and you face rejection and well.

I had a person tell me one time how they take rejection better than anyone and that is why they are a top performer in their company.  It wasn’t more than a few weeks later when I saw the same person face multiple rejections in the same day, and poof — they folded like a cheap suit.

Sales leadership is about being resilient.

It’s a trait that needs to be on full display at any time. You may be having an awesome quarter with everything going right and having to be resilient could easily be the furthest thing from your mind, but you can’t allow that to happen.

Resilience is typically viewed as being able to handle oneself in the face of rejection as I described earlier, but I think it’s more than that. Resilience is a driver of persistence when it comes to spending time prospecting even when things are good. Resilience is the activity you do to stay in touch with clients when you’re tired and want to shut things down.  Resilience is always being respectful and engaging with others, even when those around you are people you’ll never see again.

How resilient are you in light of what I described in the preceding paragraph?

I find myself having to challenge myself frequently with regard to my own resilience.  Those who are the most resilient are those who are the most even natured in not only how they respond to others, but also in how they handle their own time.  Show me a resilient person and I’ll show you a productive, results-oriented person.

Over the years, I’ve found the most resilient sales leaders are those who early in their career faced a lot of rejection from customers.  Looking back on my own career, I see now the numerous times I had leads or prospects reject me and how I became more resilient from it. Resilience in my life has been built out of the hundreds or thousands of times a proposal was rejected.

Your challenge is to see resilence as a trait you grow and as an attribute that will help you become a stronger sales leader.

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