“Time is a commodity we all need more of. If you can wrap your sale around allowing the customer to have additional time, the greater the chance you’ll have of securing additional profit.”   This was my selling tip entitled,  “The Value of Time”, from a week ago.  Since then, a reader asked me, “How can giving a customer more time equal more profit?” 

Here’s a little more:   Because time is so short for the majority of people and businesses, if we can get our customers to see how what we’re selling will help them earn more time, then we’ve given them an additional benefit.  Example:  If I sell phone systems to small companies, have the phones and equipment in stock, and can install the entire system in less time than anyone else, then I’ve created time for the customer.  They receive the benefits of the new phone system more quickly by having it installed by us rather than the competition.  Simply put, by saving them time, they receive their benefit sooner,  which translates into time resulting in profit.  This is a very simple reason why it’s so important to ask your customer questions that help them understand why time is so important to their success. 

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