More and more emails are being read on smartphones — or should I say deleted from smartphones.  Here’s what I mean:  Whether it be a Blackberry, an iPhone or a different smartphone model, many people use their smartphones to check email. If your smartphone is like mine, it means only about the first 10 words appear, unless I click on the entire message.

What this says is if the title of the message and the first 10 words aren’t engaging enough, I may very well delete the message.  For someone who is sending out messages to people with whom they don’t normally have contact, this means these first 10 words are extremely important. 

A few tips:

Don’t put a URL at the start of the message as many times it will eat up the entire space.

Use action words that either call to action or stir interest.

Don’t waste the space sharing information that brags about you.

Add a sense of timeliness.

Don’t waste space with your title, etc.

One of the best ways to test a message is to send it to yourself and see how it appears on your smartphone. Take a few minutes and forward some of your more frequent messages you send out. This will give you a sense of how your style of writing appears on smartphones.

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