I have been home for months. Over the past ten months, I have made four or five trips, but not anything like the ones I used to make.

What is amazing is how my business has adapted and changed in the midst of a pandemic. It is amazing what we are able to do, and – before COVID – we would have never thought of doing business like this. Odds are, you are probably in the same boat, too.

Stop and think about this for a moment: We have always learned to adapt. I could not help but think of when I was 19 years old managing the second highest-volume McDonald’s in the world. You’re probably wondering where? Fairbanks, Alaska. This was when the pipeline was being built, making Fairbank’s McDonald’s number two in the world.

If you look at a map, you’ll see Fairbanks is in the middle of nowhere, several hundred miles from Anchorage and a boat trip away from Seattle. There were times when equipment would break and we did not have the ability to get it fixed right away, considering we were located in the middle of Alaska.

One time, we had a grill that gave us fits and I was jerry rigging it to keep it working. There was another time our cash register system failed, and I literally put cups out on the floor underneath where every cash register was; this is where we were taking money and making change from. There was nobody in Fairbanks that could fix our cash registers, so we just had to make it happen.

At 19, I was figuring out ways to jerry rig systems and make it work. It worked; we kept the business open and kept it going. That is precisely what we are doing today. Do not allow any obstacle to stand in your way.

I think back to my cash registers solution – I didn’t even think twice. I just did it. Do not think twice about an obstacle. Do not allow an obstacle to stand in your way, but rather go through or around the obstacle. Whatever you do, do not let it stop you.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s Mornings with Mark. Let me know in the comments what obstacles you have overcome during this pandemic.

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Great selling.

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