Instead of talking about it, just go out and do it.   The Miami Heat of the NBA has proclaimed themselves to be the ultimate dream team, but they are not coming close to achieving on the basketball court what their mouths have been saying off the court.   I wrote about this just the other day.

“Just go out and do it.” I want to give you one quick take on this and how it relates to your sales motivation and sales prospecting.   My thought is that far too many times — and yes, I’m guilty of it too — we talk about contacting a prospect, only to not contact them.  We talk about how we will contact them today, only to end the day without actually contacting them.  Then at the end of the day, we make up all kinds of excuses as to why we didn’t get around to it.

The excuses range from not having a certain piece of information to being too busy working on another project to thinking about coming up with a better way to contact them.  Any way you cut it, you didn’t make the call (remember, I’ve been guilty of the same thing). You find yourself the next day going through the process all over again.  It sure sounds like the movie “Groundhog Day,” doesn’t it?

Each time you go through this process, you chip away at your sales motivation and your sales confidence. Every day you allow excuses to justify the inaction.   Put all the excuses aside and it comes down to one thing — you didn’t contact the prospect.

The Miami Heat can and will only be champions by winning games on the court. All of the chatter and conversation off the court is merely a distraction of excuses.  The same is true for all of us when we fail to contact the prospect. Everything else is merely an excuse.  Leverage your sales motivation, reach out and make that sales prospect call right now.

The best thing about what we do in sales is it really is a 24/7 game, which means unlike the Miami Heat, we don’t have to wait for the official game time to start winning.

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