One thing I find in sales is that it’s really about relationships. It is all about understanding the person and both parties understanding each other. This begins with transparency. Are we being truly transparent with whom we come in contact? 

Video – Companies Don’t Sell Anything:   

When we demonstrate a level of transparency and openness, it is amazing how it elevates the level of the relationship. When we increase the level of the relationship, it is amazing how we can begin to truly understand that person on a personal level. Companies don’t sell anything. It’s the people in the companies that sell. The companies may have a brand name, a trademark; however, it’s the people that uphold that name. 

What are you doing to develop deeper relationships with your customers?  How transparent are you?  Have you noticed the more transparent you are with someone the more transparent they become with you?  If you want to move your business to the next level, think about how greater transparency can put you in a position to help your customer even more.  

Look at your current list of customers. I suspect you will find that those who do the most business with you are also the ones you have the best relationship with and yes, are most transparent with. You can argue which came first – the business or the relationship, and nine times out of ten, it’s the relationship. Deep relationships equal high profits, and the profit cuts both ways for you the salesperson and for the customer. Profit is the dollars you receive and the value the customer receives. The customer who sees you as transparent is the one who will see more value. 

The business of business is not business.  The business of business is people connecting with people.  Even with the biggest brands, like Nike for example, you can’t help but think of a person who endorses the brand as the brand. Yes, brands are people. You are the brand, so it’s your job to build your brand each day and not do the stupid things that tear it down. 

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