You don’t want to reset 2020, because there’s no reset button. Let me tell you that there is nothing but upside to this year. The first half of the year is now over- it’s gone, in the bank. You might want to say, “Oh, I want to hit a reset.” No, you don’t want to. I want you to just build on it. Build on the success you’ve had the first half of the year.  

Video – Don’t Reset 2020, Build on 2020:

Here’s how we build on the success. So, none of us can control what’s going on out there; all we can do is control how we respond to what’s around us. Take time to really look at opportunities and situations. Every day I speak with companies that are finding new opportunities and new avenues, ones they never thought would be there three or four months ago. Salespeople share with me everyday about how they are finding new customers and new opportunities that did not even exist months ago. 

Right now, we have some of the greatest opportunities right in front of us. Currently, we have the greatest opportunity to identify new opportunities, that’s what the second half of the year is all about. I want you to dedicate the second half of the year to doing two things. First, double down on helping your existing customers and second, work on finding new customers. Don’t reset 2020. I want you to build on 2020. 

When you build on 2020, what will you set yourself up for? You will set yourself up for an amazing 2021 and once we get through this whole COVID-19 experience. We are going to get through it; however, it will depend on where your foundation is. The core determines where you’re going to be able to take off and get to post COVID-19. I want you to build a stronger base, focus on existing customers, and uncover every new opportunity. Trust me, they are out there. Don’t hit the reset button, hit the ‘build’ button for the second half of 2020. It starts now! 

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