You will never be able to maximize the value your customer receives from what you sell until you see yourself as a sales leader.

Sales leaders are confident and are comfortable in asking what others would view as tough questions.  When you create maximum value, you can achieve maximum revenue.

Watch this two-minute video, as I share a situation from my own business about helping the customer see more value:


How confident are you when talking with your customers?  Confidence comes from believing you can help the other person.  When you see results in others from what you’ve provided, it fuels your confidence.

Confidence in a conversation is a two-way street.  As one party exhibits more confidence, it’s only natural for the other party to exhibit more, too.  The more confident everyone is, the deeper the conversation and the greater the ability to uncover new levels of value.

Sales leadership is not a title. It’s an approach one takes to each conversation.   In the story I share in the video, there is little chance I would have avoided offering a discount, let alone being able to secure additional work, if I had not been confident.

My confidence allowed me to not be shaken when the customer stated at the start of the call that my price was too high. Had I not been confident, I would have come down in price.  Anything less than being totally confident would have resulted in me offering a discount.

You can’t take a pill or read one article and suddenly become confident and be a sales leader. If it were that easy, then everyone would be a sales leader.  Sales leadership is based on a fundamental belief you can help others achieve what they didn’t think was possible. It’s a belief that is unwavering due to your personal track record of helping others.

Make it your objective to be seen as the leader who brings out the best in others.  As you do, you’ll move yourself closer to not only being a sales leader, but also closer to creating more value for your customers. In so doing, you’ll bring in more revenue for you.

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