I’m not sure why it is, but I seem to do my best thinking when I’m out running.

It is a beautiful day in Nebraska, yet I could not get out until almost 5pm. It may be getting dark, but I could not pass this weather up. This run had me reflecting on the little things – it is so easy for us to be focused on all the big things, but the little things are what consistently make a huge payoff.

I am running much further into the winter than ever before. We’ve had a mild winter here compared to many other areas around the country, and it has enabled me to keep my running consistent. In fact, my pace is picking up, which is mind-blowing. Usually, when I knock off for the winter and pick back up in the spring, it’s ugly but it’s amazing. It is all in the little things done consistently.

You may say, “It’s not a big deal going for a run in weather like that; there’s no snow!” It is still chilly. You might think I’m crazy but each day, I get a little bit better.

I want you to stop and ask yourself, “What can I be doing each day? What’s the consistent habit I can be doing every day to keep moving myself forward?” That’s a bad pun considering how my habit is running, but it can even be applied to a relationship. It might be the way you are learning. Whatever it might be, do something consistently.

Nobody becomes the expert by suddenly doing one thing and being brilliant at it. They become the expert by doing one thing consistently, day in and day out.

I hope I can keep running, considering we’re expecting snow in about 48 hours. Nevertheless, I will keep running as much as possible throughout this winter.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s Mornings with Mark. Let me know in the comments what habit(s) you are tackling this season. If you want these sent to your inbox every Friday morning, subscribe to this blog or subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch more of my life lessons.

Take care.

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