Is what you’re communicating, really communicating, or is it just noise? This is another Mornings with Mark. I enjoy bringing these posts and videos to you every Friday.

This morning, I got thinking about all the different levels of communication, yet how screwed up communication is as a whole. Let’s not go pointing fingers at other people. I point fingers at myself. I can’t help but think about the times I communicate with somebody and think they are understanding one thing, yet they’re hearing something else. I am not communicating clearly at all.

Often, I receive communication from somebody (email, text message, voicemail, etc.) and read it one way, but what they mean is totally different. Why is this? I think we’re afraid of confrontation. We are afraid to confront people. We are afraid to deal with communication in the way it should be – just person to person. I see this happen so many times, because it’s much easier to send a text message or a message on LinkedIn or even just a quick email.

Then, we think the situation is taken care of; however, all we’ve done is compounded and actually made it worse. Instead, we should just pick up the phone and have a conversation.

As I think about this this morning, I reflect on my childhood and something I saw while growing up. Every week, my mom would take one evening and dutifully write a handwritten letter to her mother. She lived out of town, several hours away actually. My mom would spend hours crafting this letter to her mom.

In turn, she would receive a letter from her mom every week. This was their primary form of communication. Then on Sunday nights, they would get on the phone with each other for maybe five or ten minutes. You know, this was back in the days when you paid for long distance. Interesting, huh? Their communication was clear and not drawn out, just a handwritten letter – several pages – and a phone call. Their messages to each other definitely bring clarity.

I think about this because of all the noise and the different ways we expect people to pick up this message or that. It is compounded by the fact that because we’re sending a message or changing somebody’s opinion, we think we are changing them but in reality, we’re actually not changing anybody’s opinion. Rarely do we actually change people’s minds, especially in the highly political era that we live in today. I see this on Facebook all the time, and all that’s really going on is ranting.

Yes, it might make us feel good, but you know what? It only adds fuel to the fire. I think our challenge is really to step back and communicate with clarity by picking up the phone, calling, and having a real one-on-one a conversation with the person. Not to entertain this idea more, but I had a friend tell me one time that we communicate more in a one-minute phone call than we do in five or six emails. It’s true. We do.

Why is it that we’re so afraid to pick up the phone and make the call? Why are we hesitant to have the conversation? If you just do it, it’s amazing what happens. The opportunities that arise are incredible, especially when you will set your mind on clarifying the message.

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